Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Uninterrupted internet service is of vital importance for companies running intensive and critical applications on the internet today.

As Set İletişim ve Integration Technologies, we are a follower of technology and we are signing datacenter installations designed in world standards.

Set İletişim Data Center Çözümleri

We offer a wide range of services with our high technology. We position the main lines of this advanced technology, which we have positioned in 4 main sections, in the main sections below.

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Cooling Infrastructure
  • Energy and Electric Infrastructure

In short, we say, let's establish the technology of protecting your company's vital data, hosting, processor, connection and using remote access software.

Our datacenter approach is to realize an infrastructure planning and installation service that is environmentally friendly, consumes less energy, provides easy management, thermal insulation, reduces maintenance and operating costs, employs authorized inputs and exits, and locates Green IT and Cloud architecture.

Set İletişim and Integration Technologies provides services to its customers with its expert staff in all processes of a datacenter installation planning and management, from physical infrastructure planning processes to the creation of disaster systems.


  • Datacenter Design and Consultancy
  • Physical Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Data Center Power Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Data Center Air Conditioning Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Data Center Project Management
  • Cooling System Design with CFD Method
  • Communication Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Security and Monitoring Systems Design
  • Data Center Analysis, Optimization and Consulting Services
  • UPS and Air Conditioning Power Consumption Analysis
  • Air Conditioning Cooling Capacities and IT Load Analysis
  • Cabinet and Cabling Design Analysis
  • System Rooms Monitoring and Security Analysis
  • Cooling System Condition Analysis with CFD Method