Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation Solutions

Building Automation Solutions

Single center control of different electromechanical systems such as building automation and management systems, heating, cooling, ventilation systems, generators, hydrophores, VRV-VRF systems, fan coils, VAVs, lighting, parking CO gas monitoring and exhaust control systems, depending on the type of facility includes monitoring and reporting. In addition, CCTV (closed circuit television), card pass, fire detection etc. integrates with other security systems, allowing the control of the whole building from a single center with minimum personnel and maximum efficiency.

Set İletişim Bina Otomasyon Çözümleri

Our Application Areas:
1 –Heating-Cooling-Ventilation (Mechanical Automation) Systems

Depending on the field of activity, comfort-control needs, electro-mechanical systems of the enterprises, the most effective use of resources, reporting, minimizing the human factor in mechanical system controls such as heating, cooling, ventilation, water supply, saving and full control in operating costs is the goal.

2 –Lighting Automation Systems:

The main objective is to provide savings and full control in operating costs by automatically controlling the interior-exterior-architectural lighting systems of the enterprises according to time, ambient light intensity and usage intensity.

3 – Parking Lot Security and Automation Systems:

It covers the systems installed for monitoring the exhaust gas density in the parking lots, giving an alarm when the threshold level is exceeded, and operating the exhaust fans.

4 – High Level Integration:

Due to the fact that the building automation system (BMS) can provide a platform for integration with other weak current systems such as fire detection, card access, CCTV, PDKS, the cost and efficiency to be provided throughout the enterprise increases exponentially, different systems are managed and monitored from a single center and the systems can talk to each other.

Our building automation project design and implementation processes:

When you contact us for Building Automation System installation, the following studies are carried out in order to apply the most suitable system for you:

  • 1 - The current electro-mechanical system in your facility is examined and the systems for which automation will be required are determined by considering your demands.
  • 2 - Building Automation System in your building, CCTV, fire alarm, card access, elevator, industrial automation, etc. The necessity and level of integration with other systems are determined.
  • 3 - Automation scenarios are created by discussing primarily in line with the designs of your project company.
  • 4 - Future expansion needs are also evaluated and system options are offered along with material and installation costs.
  • 5 - When the solution is decided, application projects are prepared, engineering, programming, graphic design, and then assembly and programming work on the field are completed, your operating personnel are trained and the system is delivered.
  • 6 - In the initial phase, our engineers make the system work and complete if the system operators have training deficiencies and make small programming settings if necessary.
  • 7 - After your systems are commissioned, our technical service teams are at your disposal for your maintenance and service needs.