Security and IP Camera Infrastructure

Security and IP Camera Infrastructure

Security and IP Camera Infrastructure

Set İletişim and Integration Technologies provides security monitoring for institutions and businesses with IP Camera systems created using high-resolution cameras and state-of-the-art recording platforms, as well as monitoring personnel and businesses with smart video analysis methods and controlling customer traffic. .

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Set İletişim and Integration Technologies offers professional IP Camera solutions with its quality product line. We design the most suitable IP Camera solution for you in the most effective way. IP Camera systems we use in our applications can be integrated into all security systems to provide smart solutions. Video analysis systems not only provide perimeter security, they also provide environmental management and control with digital recording and network video transmission technologies. With IP-based IP Camera systems, camera content can be stored in a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and virtually anywhere in the world with the highest video and audio quality. can be accessed and viewed from a location.

  • Apps
  • Analog Systems
  • IP Systems
  • Management of multi-point systems from a single center
  • Video analysis applications
  • Integration with other systems
Intelligent Video Analysis Applications

Video analysis aims to interpret the video images obtained by cameras numerically and to detect possible threats as soon as the incident begins or starts early intervention. Intelligent video analysis, unlike analog detection systems, can distinguish a real threat from environmental influences. In this way, it eliminates false alarms and provides real event information to the operators.

Video analysis functions; It can be used to count people or vehicles passing through a virtual line in two directions, to detect people or objects moving against a certain direction, to detect objects left in a certain area for more than a certain time or to detect objects taken from the environment (stolen). In addition, groups of people gathered in a certain area or people wandering around in a certain area can be perceived.

In case of detection, the system can generate alarms, trigger other systems connected to it within the scope of the security scenario or pass alarm information to predefined points.

  • People counting - vehicle counting
  • Wrong way detection
  • Restricted area
  • Unattended baggage
  • Object removal
  • Loitering
  • Scope of application
  • Shopping Centers (Mall)
  • Prisons and Detention Houses
  • Industrial Production
  • Hospital and Medical
  • Airports
  • Plaza and business centers
  • Residences and Sites
  • Tourism and Hotels